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Both a utility object and a fashion accessory, the belt completes the style of your outfit. An elegant belt brings a touch of character to your pants and jeans, whether it’s a meeting with friends, a professional setting or a more relaxed environment.

How to wear a men’s belt?

To choose the ideal belt, you must take into account your style and the outfit with which you think to associate it. MCS Apparel pays particular attention to the choice of materials, leathers and buckles to offer you high quality men’s belts. Leather is a noble material that offers unequaled solidity and allows you to keep your belt over time.

Style often nestles in details and accessories, it’s the best way to stand out and assert your identity. A men’s belt placed too high quickly becomes uncomfortable and cheesy. Too low, it no longer performs its maintenance function and damages your figure. Everything is in measure.

Work your look with our different models: men’s belt in soft leather, belt in smooth or striated leather. A brown or black color is surely on a master key. Different loops are also available for a more personal touch.

How to choose the size of a men’s belt?

You will need to adjust your belt: it should be neither too wide nor too tight for you to be comfortable in your clothes and gives you confidence.

To find your waist measurement, there are several solutions: you can measure your waist using a tape measure. You can also determine the correct belt size from a model you already own. Finally it is possible to use the size of your pants to determine the correct length.

In case of doubt consult our size guide to make your choice.

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