Terms and conditions of gift card

ARTICLE 1 – Terms of purchase of the Gift Card

The gift card can be purchased on the site https://www.mcsapparel.fr.

ARTICLE 2 – Conditions for loading the Gift Card

The amount to be credited to the Gift Card by the Customer when purchasing the Gift Card must be at least € 30 (thirty euros), with no maximum amount.

ARTICLE 3 – Period of validity of the Gift Card

The Gift Card, which is non-nominative, is valid for a period of one (1) year from its activation date, namely its date of purchase on the site.

ARTICLE 4 – Terms of use of the Gift Card

The Gift Card can be used to pay for all purchases of products offered for sale on the mcsapparel.fr site. The Gift Card cannot give rise to any refund, whether total or partial. The Gift Card is rechargeable. Any purchase of a product for an amount greater than the amount credited to the Gift Card must be completed by another payment method accepted on the mcsapparel.fr site. In the event of loss, theft, deterioration or expiration of its period of validity, the Gift Card will not be taken back, replaced, exchanged or refunded.

ARTICLE 5 – Exchange of products purchased with the Gift Card

Products purchased partially or totally with the Gift Card benefit from the same exchange rights as products purchased using traditional means of payment.

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