Story of the Rider

MCS is the original Lifestyle fashion brand embodying the American West Lifestyle.

Born in the 70s as Marlboro Country Store, then renamed Marlboro Leisure Wear in 1984, the brand met international success under the name Marlboro Classics in 1987 to reinvent itself through its acronym MCS in 2009.

She offers a full range of clothing that combines American style and Italian design in exceptional quality, recognized over time.

The authentic Rugged & Refined * look, characteristic of MCS products, whose emblematic Rider logo is branded on his clothing, symbolizes the foundations of the brand.

MCS is back in France under the aegis of Central Way, a French company that has specialized in sportswear manufacturing for 25 years. Same Italian stylist to develop the collections, same visual identity of the MCS products and image, in short all the brand’s strong points are kept the same: logos, pants cuts, color ranges, quality of fabrics etc.

All of clothes, without leather, are produced in local areas (mediterranean basin), for the sake of environnemental impact dear to the brand.

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